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Project Management

After years of working agency-side monitoring client websites and client-side maintaining them, one of the biggest problems I keep seeing over and over again is how a messy and disorganised website build process can lead to many frustrations after launch day, and a lot of money wasted on retainer budgets used to fix things that should have been working from the start. As project manager for your new website, my job would be to make sure that your website is delivered on time, within budget, and meeting all of your requirements. This means spending proper time at the beginning of the project to truly understand your business needs (not just your marketing ones), writing up detailed functional and technical specs, scoping and hiring developers / agencies, drawing up a project plan / timeline with key deliverable dates, ensuring regular communication and status reports between key stakeholders, establishing proper change protocol, and overseeing a detailed testing and QA stage before go live day to make sure as many bugs are caught and addressed as part of the main brief and timeline (not 6 months later when your grace period is over). If this sounds appealing, contact me to set up a coffee meeting. Meanwhile, here are some noteworthy projects I have worked on: (World’s #1 Chess Champion), (part of the PizzaExpress restaurant group which has over 600 restaurants worldwide. In July 2014 the group was sold to the China-based private equity firm Hony Capital in a deal worth £900 million / $1.54 billion).